GATE Syllabus 2013-14 Entrance Exam

General Aptitude (GA) component common in all papers
GATE Paper Code GATE Paper Code
Aerospace Engineering AE Instrumentation Engineering IN
Agricultural Engineering AG Mathematics MA
Architecture and Planning AR Mechanical Engineering ME
Biotechnology BT Mining Engineering MN
Civil Engineering CE Metallurgical Engineering MT
Chemical Engineering CH Physics PH
Computer Science and Information Technology CS Production and Industrial Engineering PI
Chemistry CY Textile Engineering and Fibre Science TF
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC Engineering Sciences XE
Electrical Engineering EE Life Sciences XL
Geology and Geophysics GG

Gate syllabus Aerospace Engineering,Agricultural Engineering,Architecture and Planning,
Civil Engineering,
Chemical Engineering,
Computer Science and Information Technology,
Electronics and Communication Engineering,
Electrical Engineering,
Geology and Geophysics,

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