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1)First woman from india to be conferred the sainthood by pope benedict XVI is ??
Ans:Sister Alphonsa
2) Ozone affects human health by causing severe pulmonary edema at a concentration of (in ppm)

a) .2
b) .3
c) 3
d) .9

3)Deshbandhu is the title of ??
Ans: chitrangandas das

4)Top 3 Gold Metalist countries in Beijing Olympics ??
1. China
2. USA
3. ??
Ans: Russia

5) 8 : 12 :: 6 : ?
6)Find wrong in the series: 21,28,33,35,37,36

141, 14, 41, 81

8)Eagle : swoops :: duck : ?
Swims, flits, waddles, floats

9)wrong number in the series:0 ,7 , 28 , 63 , 124 , 215

10) The brightest planet is
a) Venus b) Mercury c) Jupiter d) mars

a)adabcd          b)cdbbca        c)daabbc    d)bdbcba

12)The 65th National Football Championship ( santosh trophy 2011) was won by
a) Bengal      b) Punjab   c) Manipur       d) Goa
Ans: (a)

13)Find odd
Mozart, bach, socrates, beethoven

14) The least value of 2sin*2 A +3cos*2 a is???

15) econominc plannig is essential feature of
1 socialist economy         2 capitalist            3 mixed economy             4 dual economy

16)Who destroyed chihalgani
Akbar       Balban           Iltutmish             razia sultan

17)which criteia is not used for classification of human races?
1 nose            2 hair           3 eyes          4 ear.

18)The state which has registered the highest population growth rate according to 2001 census is:
1-sikkim, 2-kerala,   3-uttar pradesh,   4-nagaland

19)the grand trunk road build by shershah connected punjab with. .
lahor.     multan.        agra.         east bengal

20)Railway coaches are manufactured at…
a.Jamshedpur      b.Chittaranjan              c.Perambur         d.Varanasi

21)Which of the following institutions deals with credit to Agriculture and Rural Development?

Ans : b) NABARD

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