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3rd front will give tough fight to BJP and Congress ?

Congress had an emphatic victory in 2009 Lok Sabha elections. UPA-2 started on a high by winning almost full majority on its own. However, their second term has been marred with controversies and corruption allegations. Starting with Commonwealth Games scam, every few months saw a new scam coming out like Adarsh Society scam and the biggest of all, the 2G scam. Fuel and commodity prices have risen sharply in the past few years adding to the woes of common man. Crusade against black money and corruption by Anna Hazare and to some extent baba Ramdev has only added to the woes of Congress. But Congress is shrewd and knows politics quite well. They know that offense is the best way to defend. For every scam or corruption news that comes out, they bounce back with equally controversial news against rival parties. Their projection of Rahul Gandhi, who has not yet proved any political sense, as a Prime Ministerial candidate may help them in their campaign build up to 2014 polls.

The Prime Ministerial Candidates:

1. UPA: Rahul Gandhi or Dr. Manmohan Singh

2. NDA: MR. L. K. Advani or Narendra Modi

3. Third Front: Depends on which party wins the most seats

Difficult for BJP to come to power in 2014: RSS
BJP is suffering from “Congress patch” in Uttar Pradesh, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has said it will be difficult for the saffron party, which has a “bigger army of leaders than workers” in the state, to come to power in 2014 general elections unless it answers the questions posed by state Assembly poll results.

In the editorials of its mouthpieces Organiser and Panchjanya, the Sangh asked the Bharatiya Janata Party as to why it could not be the choice for voters despite having an organised structure and cadre in the state.

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