22nd All India Congress of Zoology & National Seminar on Recent Advances in Biological Sciences: Biodiversity and Human Welfare December 29-31, 2011,REGISTRATION FORM, Lucknow University
22nd All India Congress of
National Seminar
Recent Advances in Biological
Sciences: Biodiversity and
Human Welfare

December 29-31, 2011
22nd All India Congress of
National Seminar
Recent Advances in Biological
Sciences: Biodiversity and
Human Welfare
December 29-31, 2011
Department of Zoology
University of Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh, INDIA


In Collaboration
Zoological Society of India
Bodh Gaya
Chief Patron: Prof. M. K. Mishra
Vice Chancellor
Lucknow University
Patron: Prof. U.N. Dwivedi
Pro-Vice Chancellor
Lucknow University
Convener: Prof. A. K. Sharma
Head, Zoology, LU
Organizing Secretary: Prof. S.P. Trivedi
Local Secretary: Dr. Monisha Banerjee
Treasurer: Prof. Y. K. Sharma
Prof. U.D. Mishra, Proctor, LU
Prof. (Mrs) K. D. Singh, Chief Provost, LU
Prof. Rajesh Misra, Director, IPPR, LU
Prof. P.C. Srivastava, Director, Development, LU
Prof. Pawan Agarwal, Director,Sanskriti, LU
Prof. A. K. Karnataka, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
Dr. Yogeshwar Shukla, IITR, Lko
Dr. Alok Dhawan, IITR, Lko
Dr. R. D. Tripathi, NBRI, Lko
Dr. Renu Tripathi, CDRI, Lko
Dr. N. S. Nagpure, NBFGR, Lko
Dr. Alok Kalra, CIMAP, Lko
Prof. R.R. Singh, Head, Botany, LU
Prof. S. K. Agarwal, Head, Biochemistry, LU
Prof. K. K. Agarwal, Head, Geology, LU
Dr. Krishna Gopal, IITR, Lko
Dr. (Mrs) E.S. Charles, Principal, IT PG College, Lko
Dr. M.S. Naqvi, Principal, Shia PG College, Lko
Dr. Brijendra Singh, BSNV PG College, Lko
Dr. A. K. Lal, Addl. Proctor, LU
Dr. Sunil Dhawan, Principal, MAM, Bareilly
Dr. Sanjeev Shukla, BSNV PG College, Lko
Dr. R.C Tripathi, Hindi, LU
Dr. P.K. Srivastava, CDRI, Lko
Dr. R.K. Singh, CDRI, Lko
Dr. O.P. Shukla, Provost, AND Hostel, LU
Dr. Sadhana Sharma, AIH, LU
Dr. Abha Trivedi, MIH, LU
Dr. Anil Shukla, Education, LU
Dr. Sudhir Mehrotra, Biochemistry, LU
Dr. Kamal Jaiswal, BBAU, Lko
Dr. R. C. Gupta, Moradabad
Prof. Nirupama Agrawal, Zoology, LU
Prof. Madhu Tripathi, Zoology, LU
Prof. Omkar, Zoology, LU
Prof. Sudhir Kumar, Zoology, LU
Prof. Sangeeta Rani, Zoology, LU
Dr. A.M. Saxena, Zoology, LU
Dr. Mohd. Serajuddin, Zoology, LU
Dr. Amita Kanaujia, Zoology, LU
Dr. Shalie Malik, Zoology, LU
Dr. Kalpana Singh, Zoology, LU
Dr. M. Arshad, Zoology, LU
Dr. Geetanjali Mishra, Zoology, LU
Dr. Suchit Swaroop, Zoology, LU
Dr. Ashish Kumar, Zoology, LU
Dr. C.S. Daniel, LCC, Lko
Prof. Bhoomittra Dev, Ex. VC, Bareily, Gkp, Agra University
Prof. S. A. H. Abidi, Ex. Director & VC, CIFE, Mumbai
Prof. Dilip Kumar, Ex. Director & VC, CIFE, Mumbai
Prof. R.C. Sobti, VC, Punjab University, Chandigarh
Prof. S.B. Nimse, VC, SRTM University, Nanded
Prof. M. C. Das, Ex. VC, Sambalpur University
Dr. M. J. K. Siddiqui, Director, UP-CST, Lucknow
Prof. H. R. Singh, Ex VC, Allahabad University
Dr. A. K. Srivastava, VC, NDRI, Karnal
Dr. W. S. Lakra, Director, CIFE, Mumbai
Prof. Ashok Kumar, VC, CSJM University, Kanpur
Prof. P. C. Trivedi, VC, Gorakhpur University
Dr. A. P. Sharma, Director, CIFRI, Barrackpore
Dr. J.N. Jena, Director, NBFGR, Lucknow
Dr. N.C. Mehrotra, Director, BSIP, Lucknow
Prof. B.N. Pandey, President, Bodh Gaya
Prof. A.K.Tripathi, Working president, Bodh Gaya
Prof. Neelima Gupta, Vice-President, Bareilly
Prof. D. K. Sharma, Vice President, Gauhati
Prof. K. Pani Prasad, Vice President, Mumbai
Prof. Ajit Kumar, General Secretary, Bodh Gaya
Prof. S. P. Trivedi, General Secretary, Lucknow
Prof. Aftab Ahmad Khan, Treasurer, Gaya
Prof. G.K. Kulkarni, Foreign Secretary, Aurangabad
Prof. B. D. Joshi, Member, Hardwar
Prof. M.C. Dash, Member, Bhubaneshwar
Prof. N.C. Dutta, Member, Kolkata
Prof. K.B. Sharma, Member, Bodh Gaya
Dr. Kamal Jaiswal, Member, Lucknow
Prof. P.N. Pandey, Member, Ranchi
Prof. U.C. Goswami, Member, Gauhati
Prof. Sivesh P. Singh, Member, Satna
Dr. B.K. Singh, Member, Bodh Gaya
Dr. M. G. Raghunathan, Member, Chennai
Dr. J. P. Shukla, Member, Basti
0522-2740230 (Office, Zoology Dept, LU)
Souvenir & Abstracts:
Prof. Omkar (09415757747)
Dr. (Mrs) Monisha Banerjee (09839500439)
Dr. (Ms) Geetanjali Mishra (09415956692)
Publicity & Event Management:
Prof. (Mrs) Madhu Tripathi (09415664267)
Dr. (Ms) Amita Kanaujia (09415030061)
Dr. (Mrs) Kalpana Singh (09450466272)
Dr. M. Serajuddin (09415871277)
Dr. M. Arshad (09453303114)
Dr. S. Swaroop (09415017649)
Dr. M. K. Agnihotri (09415110323)
Dr. A. M. Saxena (09415028759)
Dr. Ashish Kumar (09807240828)
Department of Zoology
Lucknow University

Dear Colleagues,
We extend cordial invitation to you and your
colleagues to participate in the 22nd All India
Congress of Zoology and National Seminar on
Recent Advances in Biological Sciences – Biodiversity
and Human Welfare to be held on December 29-31,
2011 at Department of Zoology, University of
Lucknow, Lucknow under the joint auspices of
Zoological Society of India, Bodh Gaya.
v Fresh Water Biology
v Applied Zoology with special reference to the
Sericulture and Aquaculture
v Wild Life Management and Animal
v Animal Physiology, Endocrinology and
Reproductive Physiology
v Faunal Diversity, Natural Resources,
Management and Conservation
Environmental Biology:
v Pollution, Toxicology, Climate Change,
Parasitology & Disease, Immunology
Molecular Biology, Genetics, Developmental
Biology, Transgenics, Biotechnology,
• Scientific sessions will have scientific and popular
lectures from experts in the related fields.
• To commemorate achievements and
accomplishment of the India’s outstanding
Zoologist and to felicitate them.
• Felicitation of the winner for various categories of
societies medals during the session.
• Presentation of “Recognition Awards” to senior
Professors and Research Scientists who have made
significant contribution in Zoology and related
fields. Those who wish to be considered for the
same are requested to send their detailed Bio-data
together with three pages write up about their
contribution in Zoological Science in the name of
Prof. S.P. Trivedi, Organizing Secretary,
Department of Zoology, Lucknow University,
• There will be one session for presentation of
Young Scientists (below 35 yrs) and Senior
Scientists (between 35-60 yrs).
• The best paper and its presenter shall be
felicitated. Full length paper must be sent for
consideration of award.
• There will be arrangement for “Poster
Presentation”. The best posters and its presenter
will be awarded medal.
• All contestants must be member of Zoological
Society of India.
1. Both abstract (not exceeding 300 words) and full
length of paper (12 font size, 1.5 line spacing, Times
New Roman in MS word, Figures in MS-Excel,
Pictures in JPEG, TIFF, GIF) as an e-mail attachment
should be submitted by Nov. 30, 2011 to Organizing
Secretary (Prof. S.P. Trivedi) at the address for
correspondence. Name of the author presenting the
paper may be underlined.
2. Acceptance of the abstract for Oral/Poster
presentation will be communicated to the presenting
Author by Dec. 15, 2011.
No abstract will be considered without Registration
Proceedings of the 22nd congress will be published in the
form of Book bearing ISBN number from a leading
publication house of the country (Proceedings of 21st All
India Congress of Zoology have already been published by
Narendra & ADH publishing corporation, New Delhi).
3. For presentation of paper, Overhead Projector/Computer
with LCD will be provided.
Poster Presentation: 1×1 sq meter space will be provided for
each poster.
1. Prof. A. K. Sharma, Convener,
Department of Zoology, LU
Ph. 09415093113
2. Prof. S. P. Trivedi, Organizing Secretary,
Department of Zoology, LU
Ph. 09415063431
3. Dr. Monisha Banerjee, Local Secretary
Department of Zoology, LU
Ph. 09839500439
All participants are required to register for the
Congress and Seminar
Before Nov 30,2011 AfterNov 30,2011
ZSI Member 1000/- 1200/-
External Delegate 1200/- 1500/-
Local Delegates/
Accompanying Person 1000/- 1200/-
Students 600/- 700/-
The registration fee will cover local hospitality and
seminar material. The fee may be sent by Demand
Draft of any Nationalized Bank in Favour of
“National Seminar in Zoology:2011” payable at
SBI, Lucknow along with duly filled in registration
form & abstract by Nov. 30, 2011 to the
Organizing/Local Secretary, 22nd All India Congress of
Zoology and NSBHW, Department of Zoology,
Lucknow University, Lucknow-226007.
Efforts will be made to accommodate participants on
the University campus in Guest Houses (SB Rs.250/-,
DB Rs.350/-), Hostels and Dormitories (Rs.150/-) on
first cum first basis. Hotel accommodation can also be
arranged on request on payment of advance of Rs.
1000/- only (booking charge) along with registration
fee by Nov. 30, 2011. Delegates are requested to
arrange their TA/DA from their own resources.
A site tour of places of interest of Lucknow can be
arranged on payment basis.
On behalf of Organizers and Society, we again take the
pleasure of inviting you and your colleagues for your
kind and valuable participation in the Congress and
Seminar. Looking forward to have an opportunity to
welcome you and greet you at Lucknow.
Yours Affectionately
Prof. B.N. Pandey Prof. A. K. Sharma
President, ZSI Convener
Prof. S.P. Trivedi Dr. Monisha Banerjee
Organizing Secretary Local Secretary
Prof. Y. K. Sharma

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