MMS scandal in Chandigarh. 4 girls rob friend, strip and tape her to extort more money.

This shocking incident has threatened to everyone.Four girls who belong to chandigarh crossed their all limits they Forced a girl into their car, snatched her mobile phone and money,stripped her and shot a sms by her mobile phone.They Circulated this MMS All over her friends and Internet.The incident heppened on September 26 behind a hotel in Sector 4, Panchkula.

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Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Panchkula, Munish Chaudhry assured if the victim girl lodges complaint the all four girls would be in jail.

The incident took place on September 26, but no police case has been filed yet. The accused girls are residents of Panchkula staying in a paying guest accommodation. The victim also lives in Panchkula.

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